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Laura Chappell     Mike Pennacchi     Tony Fortunato


AUGUST 22-26, 2022 (LIVE)




Raytheon Company - Red Hat - Republic and Canton of Geneva - Rice University - Ricoh Americas Corporation - Rosetta Stone - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Royal Cargo - Royal Resorts - Ruckus Networks - Rutgers University Libraries - S&T Ukraine - Santa Clara County Crime Lab - Santander - SAP - Saudi Aramco - SEGA IT Solutions - Siemens AG - Silicon Valley Bank - Simon Wiesenthal Center - Singtel Optus Pty Limited - Sony - Sophos - Spectrum - Stanford University - Sungard - SunTrust Bank - Symantec - T. Rowe Price - Target Corporation - TD Ameritrade - TechTarget - TELUS - Thomson Reuters - T-Mobile UK - T-Mobile USA - Toshiba - Turner Broadcasting, Inc. - U.S. Department of Defense - U.S. Department of Justice - U.S. National Institutes of Health - UNICEF – Union Bank of the Philippines - United Health Services - United Nations - United States Air Force



Chappell University, Creator of WCNA Program, USA

​Laura Chappell researches, documents, and presents information on network protocols, analysis, troubleshooting, Wireshark, network forensics, and interplanetary Internet communications. Ms. Chappell created the WCNA Certification program (formerly referred to as the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Certification program). Ms. Chappell is often called in to analyze more complex network problems that require visibility into the communications system. Laura has been living at packet level since 1989.




Network Performance Specialists, LLC

​Mike Pennacchi has been troubleshooting networks for the last 25 years.  He started out as an application developer and network administrator.  When attending an Interop session in 1995, Mike discovered his love for capturing/analyzing network traffic with open source and commercial tools.  Since then, Mike has traveled the world resolving network problems and teaching others how to solve their networking issues. Since 1997, Mike has been an Interop instructor, volunteer, sponsor, and lead network engineer.

Sr. Network
Performance Specialist
The Technology Firm, Canada


​Tony Fortunato is a network performance expert who has been designing, implementing, and troubleshooting networks since 1989. The Technology Firm provides clients of all sizes with services ranging from project management, network design, consulting, troubleshooting, custom-designed training courses, installation, and troubleshooting. Tony started his career building and supporting financial trading floor networks and ISPs, where he learned to integrate and support equipment from a variety of vendors.

Advocate Health Care – Aflac - Agfa Healthcare - Alcon - Allstate - Amazon - American Heart Association - Anthem - Arrow Electronics, Inc. - Ascension Healthcare - AT&T - BAE - Bank of America - BASF Business Services GmbH - BB&T - Bell Canada - Bentley Systems Inc - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Bloomberg L.P. - BMW - Boeing - Booz Allen Hamilton - British Telecom - BYU - California Department of Justice - California State University - California Water Service Co. - Canadian Broadcasting Group - Capital One - Cardiff University - CBS - CDK Global - CDW - Cedars Sinai Medical Center - Century Link - Charter Communications - Chevron Corporation - Christiana Care Health System - Cigna - Cisco Systems, Inc. - Citrix Online - Collins Aerospace - Columbia University - Comcast - Comerica Bank - Con Edison - Cox Communications - Credit Suisse Bank




Three Full-Day Workshops

Three no-nonsense, concentrated workshops focused on core network protocols, tools, and skills to manage today's complex networks. Each workshop will be recorded and available online until the end of the event (September 2nd at 6:00 pm Pacific Time).

Cross-Over Keynotes

Join Laura, Mike, and Tony as they share their experiences in the industry, favorite tools and techniques learned over the years, and recommendations for keeping up with technology.

Open Offices

Bring your questions to talk live with Laura, Mike, and Tony in their virtual offices.

General Sessions

On-demand general sessions enable you to take training on your schedule 24 hours a day throughout the event.

DIY Labs

Ready to get your hands dirty? Tactile learners will love the step-by-step hands-on labs that walk you through key tasks and tools covered during the workshops, keynotes, and general sessions.

Tech Tip Series

Short and sweet. The Tech Tip Series offers rapid training on key topics. Got a minute? Learn a skill!

Case Studies

Real-world case studies take you behind the scenes from the initial call for help to the final resolution of various network issues.

WCNA Certification Center

Laura answers questions on the WCNA Certification program and advises you on how to prepare for the WCNA Exam.

Open Badge Center

Three Open Badges will be awarded for successfully completing the quizzes related to the three event workshops.

Early Bird Price: $795  (ends June 15th)  Regular Price: $995


Early Bird Price: $795  (ends June 15th)  Regular Price: $995



22 August

Chappell Workshop

CORE Packets and Protocols

Focus on Wireshark and network analysis techniques for troubleshooting, optimizing, and securing your network.

25 August

Keynote and
Open Virtual Offices

During this keynote, Laura, Mike, and Tony cross over into each other's workshop topics to share insider tips.

After the keynote, join Laura, Mike, and Tony in their Virtual Offices.
Bring your questions or just lurk.

23 August

Pennacchi Workshop

CORE Tools and Tips

Focus on a variety of commercial and open source tools every IT professional MUST HAVE in their toolbox.

26 August

Keynote and
Open Virtual Offices

During this keynote, Laura, Mike, and Tony share insider tips on their favorite tools and techniques.

After the keynote, join Laura, Mike, and Tony in their Virtual Offices.
Bring your questions or just lurk.

24 August

Fortunato Workshop

CORE Skills for Success

Focus on problem assessment, workflows, documentation, and a planned, logical methodology to get faster results.

22 August-2 September


On-Demand content available throughout the event:

  • General Sessions

  • Tech Tip Series

  • Case Studies

  • DIY Labs

  • Open Badge Center

  • WCNA Certification Center

Why Should You Attend CORE-IT PROS? 

  • Join a powerhouse trio of industry leaders for accelerated troubleshooting, optimization, and network forensics training.

  • Learn insider tips and tricks to get to the root of network issues FAST.

  • Quickly get up to speed on the most effective commercial and open source tools and techniques.

  • Meet up and talk with Laura, Mike, and Tony LIVE in their virtual offices.

  • Launch General Sessions to enhance your knowledge or troubleshooting, optimization, and network forensics skill sets.

  • Your time is precious. Jump into the Tech Tip Series to learn new skills or technology in just a few minutes.

  • Get insights into how Laura, Mike, and Tony approached problems in a series of real-world case studies.

  • Acquire hands-on experience using the tools and techniques discussed in the workshops and General Sessions.

  • Achieve Open Badges for each of the three workshops.

  • Learn how to efficiently prepare for the WCNA Certification exam.

Early Bird Price: $795  (ends June 15th)  Regular Price: $995



How Do I Purchase Multiple Seats?

The registration system sells single-seat tickets only. If you need to register numerous attendees, please contact us at We can speed up the process for you by taking payment information and attendee information over the phone. 

Do You Offer Group Discounts?


Purchasing 10 or more seats for your team? Contact us at for discount information and the ability to "fast register" your team.


Can I Get a Substitute if I Can't Attend?

If you are registered but unable to attend, another attendee within your organization may be designated to take your place at no additional charge. All substitution requests must be submitted by the original attendee via e-mail to


What is the Cancellation Policy?

All cancellation requests must be made in writing to Cancellations fourteen (14) days or more before the event start date will receive a full refund minus $100 administrative fee. Cancellations less than fourteen (14) days before the event start date will not be refunded. Please refer to the Substitutions section.

How will this Appear on my Credit Card Statement?

Tickets to this event are processed through Chappell University and will appear on your credit card statement as "ChappellU-CORE-IT."

I Have More Questions. How do I Reach You?

Please send questions to

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